Audit Leverage Software

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                        or by telephone at: +1-215-713-0378.

Quick Links:

 1. Demo movie (20 minutes). The download is a .zip file (68 MB in size).

 2. Frequently Asked Questions (4-page .pdf)

 3. Price List (1-page .pdf)
        One important difference between us and our competitors is that our license fee includes all the source code, unlocked. That means that your budget and your schedule are not at the mercy of a vendor's customization work for every little change. You can, of course, restrict the customization ability to only certain users if you'd like, but the product's Microsoft Access interface makes customization easy, even for non-technical users.
        Also, the SQL Server and Access versions of our product are priced the same.

 4.  Training and Implementation

 5. Brochure (2-page .pdf) -- This gives a good overview of Audit Leverage's functionality (although we've added a number of new features since the brochure was created).

 6. Features List (4-page .pdf) -- Lists many (but not all) of the features of the software.

 7.  Screen shots:
         Audit Review Process
         Risk Assessment Process

 8.  Audit Process Workflow -- These slides show how the different modules of Audit Leverage fit together into a single streamlined audit process.  (The first 10 slides can provide a quick overview, especially slides 8 and 9 which have hyperlinks to the detailed slides that follow.)

 9. Architecture -- These 4 slides show which parts of Audit Leverage reside on the network vs. on each auditor's computer.  The last slide shows how you can work offline on your laptop and then later click a button to synchronize your copy of the Audit Leverage database with the one that resides on the server.

10.  Technical requirements (5-page .pdf)
    The front-end interface is in Microsoft Access.  The back-end database consists of separate file(s) in your choice of either MS Access or SQL Server.

11.  Company profile (2-page .pdf)

12. User Guide
    The User Guide is installed automatically on each machine (in both .pdf and HTML format) with the Audit Leverage application itself.
    If you'd like to have a look at the User Guide without actually installing Audit Leverage, then click here and select "download"(4 MB in size).  The User Guide is 450 pages long, but that's not as long as it sounds, since many of those pages are screen shots.